Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Shopping (:

Today i went shopping in westfield Derby, the only reason i mainly went is for my holiday cause im going on saturday and i still feel like i am missing things :S.

So first i went to Waterstones because i wanted to buy the Mary-kate and Ashley book 'Influence' and as usual they didnt have it in stock, wanted it to read on the sunbed on holiday (i always do it lol) the woman said i should order online but i doubt it will come on time so im just gonna have to buy one at the airport "/.

Anyway i went to primark after and got a Kaftan, i needed one for my holiday just to doss around the pool in cause last time i burnt the first day haha and that mite just keep me abit covered if it happens again
hope not (yn).

I also got the Face Higlighter thats aparently similar to the high beam by benefit :P
Im well happy haha, sad inno but wen it was 50p

When i went in New Look i went to see if there was a bikini on sale, cause there is sales everywheree, and i found the bikini i wanted last summer and it was £9 (: It took me at least half an hour to find the bottoms in my size hah well my sister found it in the end lol.
I thought it also matched my Kaftan abit :P

Next i went to republic and i was just walking around cause in this shop i'd say its a more dressy night time clothes if ygm
but in the middle there was a Candy Couture section and there was all tops saying (i ♥ NY, i ♥ LA, i ♥ Paris) I thought they were pretty cool, i know there not the real ones and i would love one actually from them places (i could be going NY next Christmas if im lucky (: ) anyway i got a i ♥ NY one just to wear with leggings and that, There was all different colours btw but i thought the pink one would go with my beige cardi.

And Lastly i was debating wether to buy this or not, it was either foundation or the tinted moisturizer but i thought well i wont want to wear foundation on holiday and hopefully i will only need the tinted moisturizer wen i get back if my skin clears up and i get a tan :)
Well you might of guessed what i got now lol
Yes; the tinted moisturizer :P, 'You Rebel' by benefit

Well maybe some of this stuff will make you want to go out and buy it ;)
Go for it :)
Sophie xoxo


  1. if you ever did read influence, how was it? ive been eyeing the book but i never knew if it was worth the money. (library doens't have it) thanks! :D

  2. Ive acctually not read it yet "/
    i cant seem to get my hands on it anywhere but when i do i will do i review on it :) x

  3. Hey - great post. You've got a really cool blog here - thanks !