Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Blonde or Brunette "/ ?


Or Brunette?

The only reason i dyed my hair brown is that it never grew
Believe me i had it bleached about 5 times and it began to show that it wasnt growing
i tried everything to make it grow, i even put egg on my hair haha
(it supposed to work and recover the ends) but that never worked
if you know any ways that acctually has made your hair grow leave a comment and i will sure try it lol
i have got extentions in on these pictures btw :P
soo the question is which hair colour do you prefer cause i never knew wether i made the right choice seeing as i want to be blonde again but that wont happen till it grows ha

sophie xoxo


  1. Blondeee :)
    Suites Youu Bettaa :P

  2. I prefer the blonde but I would suggest that if you want to go blonde again don't use bleach, as this will weaken your hair and cause breakage. You would be better to get your hair highlighted gradually with non bleach colourants (that's what I have done and my hair is pretty blonde as you can see from my pics). Let me know if you want any more advice :) Come say hi on my blog sometime too xx

  3. Yeahh, well i did have it just highlighted and cause i kept doing it i suppose it just went full blonde x

  4. i think you look great as a brunette. :)